Crisis Counseling

The work in crisis counseling is intended to be brief and concise, generally lasting for a short period of time. We focus on minimizing the stress of the crisis situation, providing emotional support, and developing coping strategies in the present moment. We assess, plan, and provide intervention that can be quickly applied in a safe manner.

We work with individuals on immediate concerns and include vital factors such as safety and physical needs.

We have the expereince and expertise in working with individuals in crisis situations such as:

  • Sudden or unexpected death or loss

  • Suicide Intervention

  • Natural Disasters (e.g., tornadoes, floods, fires).

  • Community Violence (e.g., school shootings)

The goals that we reach along with the individual in a crisis situation include:

  • Establishing rapport

  • Identifying the presenting concerns

  • Assessing for safety

  • Exploring healthy alternatives

  • Provide emotional support